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UMATECH SCALES in TIRUPUR, Leading Manufacturer & Suppliers of Commercial Weighing Scales & Heavy duty Industrial Platform Scales in TAMILNADU

UMATECH @ About us:

Greeting for UMATECH, We would like to introduce ourselves as UMA MECHANICAL WORKS, which started Operations in SINCE in 1974, is amongst the leading manufacturers and fabricators of international quality Scientific Weighing Instruments, Precision Weighing Scales, Retail Scales, Commercial Platform Scales and Customized Industrial Platform Weighing Machines. The range of our products includes 200 gm to 200 TON and more. Our Specialty is grams to tons lab balances to Heavy-duty Industrial Scales and Weighbridges.

UMA MECHANICAL WORKS, Owing our Own ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing & Fabrications Unit in Tirupur, Tamilnadu – INDIA. We are manufacturing all types of Retail Scales, Commercial Weighing Scales, Heavy-duty Industrial Scales & Weighbridges under the brand name “UMATECH”. All our “UMATECH” Weighing Scale Products are Approved, Verified & Stamped by Department of Weights & Measures legal Metrology, Tamilnadu – Governemnt of INDIA. We Provide all our Weighing Products is synonymous with quality, reliability, comfort and style in the Weighing Scale Industries. Since inception of UMA MECHANICAL WORKS, the UMATECH has grown from strength to strength, enriching itself, Brand of Trust, Customer Satisfaction, Performance, Quality and Value for Money which makes us the market leader in Weighing segment today. A keen eye on quality, market trends and brand values have kept the company ahead of its times in Weighing Industries. UMATECH is India's largest Commercial Platform Weighing Scales & Heavy-duty Industrial Weighing Manufacturer Company and has the buying power to market Retail and Industrial scales from various Sizes, Capacities including general weighing equipment for any application. UMATECH in India, Provides One Stop Shop for all types of Commercial & Industrial Weighing Solutions, as well as our own range of Heavy-duty industrial platform scales and Floor Scales are available in Readymade Platform Sizes as Well as Customized Sizes as per Clients request & Industrial Requirements at great pricing backed by the best after sales support in the industry.

UMATECH has periodically established a Keen designed & Professional network of Weighing Scales Distributors and Weighing Machines Dealers throughout India in most of the provinces and the world and this ensures that a high level of service is provided to all of its customers, in anywhere. Management of UMATECH monitors and guides that high standards are maintained at all of its locations and all are on growth tracks within their respective markets and the recently opened, state-of-the-art manufacturing base in Tirupur, Tamilnadu strengthens the Company's global reach & meet the Customers Satisfaction utmost level.

UMATECH @ Quality:

We have been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification and we strictly follow Total Quality Management (TQM) system with International Standards of Quality. Stringent quality control at every stage of manufacturing ensures zero defect equipment. All the Weighing products are inspected before and after packaging.

UMATECH @ Offers:

  • PRECISION SCALES for Weighing in Precision Segments
  • LAB WEIGHING INSTRUMETNS for Weighing in Lab Applications
  • LAB SCALES - weighing scales or analytical balances for all spectrums of the modern laboratory
  • JEWELLERY SCALES for Weighing Jewelleries in Jewellery Shops
  • LABORATORY SCALES for Weighing in Laboratories.
  • ECONOMIC WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing in Small Shops & Vegetable Stalls.
  • RETAIL SCALES for Weighing in Retail Shops.
  • TABLETOP SCALES for Weighing General Stores
  • BENCH SCALES - weighing devices for use on a bench, table or counter
  • RATION WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Items in Ration Shops.
  • GROCERRY WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Groceries in Grocery Shops & Vegetable Shops.
  • SUPERMARKET WEIGHING SCALES, especially for Weighing purposes in Supermarket, Departmental Stores, Provision Stores etc.,
  • BAKERY WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Bakery Items.
  • MILK WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Milk Can with Liter Conversions in Milk Plants, Milk Units & Milk Depots.
  • FOOD SCALES - include all scales used in the food processing industry
  • RETAIL WEIHGING SCALES - weighing devices used in shops and grocery stores for selling goods by weight.
  • COUNTING SCALES - devices used to count parts saving you time and money
  • MOBILE SCALES used for Weighing in different locations & Areas.
  • MEAT WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Meat & Chicken in Chicken Shops & Mutton Stalls.
  • POULTRY WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Poultry.
  • CHICKEN WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing in Different Places & Areas.
  • MILK WEIHGING SCALES used for Weighing in Milk Industries & Milk Plants.
  • FOOD WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Purposes in Food Processing & Allied Industries
  • COMMERCIAL PLATFORM SCALES, Particularly used for Weighing in Commercial Segments.
  • COMMERCIAL PLATFORM SCALES, Particularly used for Weighing in Commercial Segments.
  • MARKET WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing in Uzhavar Santhai.
  • MOBILE WEIGHING SCALES for Carrying & Weighing in Load Vehicles at different Places & Field Weighing Purposes.
  • RICE WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Rice Bags & Rice Gunny in Rice Traders, Rice Wholesale & Rice Merchants.
  • PARCEL WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Parcel in Packers & Movers, Couriers & Postal Departments.
  • POSTAL WEIGHING SCALES - Scales for Weighing all types of shipping and mailing applications.
  • TRANSPORTABLE WEIGHING MACHINES used for Weighing in Material Handling Companies.
  • TROLLEY WEIGHING SCALES _ Weighing Scales with Wheels & Handles.
  • PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINES for weighing in Sugar Mills.
  • FLOOR SCALES - weighing scales for use on the floor
  • FLOOR WEIGHING MACHINES for General Industrial Weighing Purposes
  • INDUSTRIAL FLOOR PLATFORM SCALES – Weighing Scales for General Industrial Purposes
  • PLATFORM WEIGHING SCALES - Scales for weighing objects using a flat platform that is can be very low to the ground for easy access or that can be wide enough to handle larger items
  • HEAVY FABRICATED FLOOR WEIGHING MACHINES for Cement Industries Manufacturers.
  • HEAVY DUTY & CAPACITY WEIGHING MACHINES used for Weighing Applications in Transports & Warehouses.
  • CUSTOMIZED WEIGHING SCALES used for weighing according to the Customer requirements & needs.
  • ACCURATE WEIGHING SCALES for weighing accurate Purposes in Industrials & Manufacturing Units.
  • INDUSTRIAL PLATFORM WEIGHING SCALES for general applications in Industries.
  • SS / MS PLATFORM WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Scale Dealers.
  • HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL PLATFORM SCALES used for Industrial Weighing applications in Material Handling Companies, Packing Industries, Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  • PLATFORM WEIGHING SCALES used for Weighing in Platforms Applications.
  • HEAVY-DUTY INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing in Transport Company, Logistics, Packaging Industries.
  • HEAVY ENGINEERING SCALES used for Weighing Applications in Heavy Engineering Units & Chemical Industries.
  • HEAVYDUTY COMMERCIAL WEIGHING MACHINES used for Weighing in Special Economic Zone Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu Electricity Board TNEB.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STRUCTURE WEIGHING MACHINES used for weighing Application in Chemical & Fertilizer Units & Tamilnadu Power Projects
  • HEAVY ENGINEERING WEIGHING MACHINES Used for  Weighing in Ship Building & Heavy Engineering
  • INTRINSICALLY SAFE SCALES - a device designed specifically for hazardous areas and corrosive environments
  • FARM WEIHGING SCALES for Weighing Solutions used by Farms & Fertilizers Manufacturers.
  • SKIN WEIGHING MACHINES used for Weighing the Skins segments in Skin Manufacturing Units in Pudukottai
  • BATCHING WEIGHING SCALES used for weighing in Batching Plants & Batching Industries
  • SHIPPING SCALES - scales for shipping applications where volume is a key issue.
  • TRUCK SCALES - Heavy-duty scales used to measure vehicles like rigs or tankers.
  • PORTION SCALES- scales for use within the food industry for the preparation of ingredients. They are also used for portion control and portion packaging, ie, pre packed goods, filling of canned goods or the mixing of seasonings or ingredients.
  • CRANE SCALES - devices for overhead material weighing
  • CHECK WEIGHERS - scales for weight range verification at high or moderate speeds.
  • LOGISTICS SCALES used for Weighing in Logistics Industries.
  • HEAVY MATERIAL HANDLING WEIGHING MACHINES for Material Handling Industries & Companies.
  • BULK GOODS WEIGHING MACHINES Used for Weighing Purposes in Railways Departments.
  • RUGGED WEIGHING SCALES Used to Weigh all in Engineering, Metal & Skin Manufacturing Units.
  • GRAPHITE WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Purposes in Graphite Factories in Tamilnadu.
  • DRUM SCALES - industrial weighing scales for measuring the weight of drums or barrels.
  • INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING MACHINES used for weighing in Oil Industries.
  • RAW MATERIAL WEIGHING MACHINES used for Weighing Applications in Rubber Industries & Petroleum Refinery.
  • MARINE SCALES used for Weighing Heavy Weighing Solutions for Marine Industries.
  • RAIL WEIGHING SCALES - weighing scales attached to a rail system in a meat plant for transporting carcasses.
  • AIRCRAFT SCALES- scales for weighing private, commercial and military aircraft.
  • CHEMICAL WEIGHING SCALES used for Weighing Solutions in Chemical Industries in Tamilnadu.
  • RUGGED WEIGHING MACHINES for Weighing in Foundries & Mines Applications.
  • WEIGHING ASSEMBLIES - is essentially a load cell that can then be placed on or under almost any type of container, or vessel turning it into an accurate scale.
  • PROCESS WEIGHING SCALES Used for Weighing in Process Industry
  • GARMENT WEIGHING SCALES used for  Weighing Applications in Garment Industries in Tamilnadu
  • WARPING BEAM WEIGHING SCALES used for Weighing Warping Beams, Sizing Beams, Yarn Beams in Yarn Weaving & Fabric Industries Such as Weaving Mills.
  • TEXTILE WEIGHING SCALES used for weighing in Textile Industries & Textile Mills.
  • FABRIC WEIGHING MACHINES used for Weighing Applications of Fabric Industries in Tirupur
  • GARMENT WEIGHING MACHINES for Garment Exporters.
  • KNITWEAR WEIHGING SCALES used for Weighing Solutions in Knitwear Manufacturing Companies in Tamilnadu
  • WEAVING SCALES, exclusively for Weighing Solutions for Weaving Mills & Spinning Mills.
  • FABRIC SCALES - Scales for weighing all fabric related materials
  • WARPING & SIZING SCALES – Scales for Weighing Warping Beam & Sizing Beam for Fabric & Textile Industries
  • COIR WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Coir Piths & Coir Products IN Coir Industries.
  • VETERNIARY WEIGHING SCALES for Weighing Animals, Pets, Livestock used in Husbandry, Zoo, Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals.

UMATECH @ Certifications’ & Approvals:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Weighing Scale Manufacturer Company.
  • Electronic Weighing Scale Registered Dealer Under CST Act.
  • Model Approval Certificated Under the Weights & Measures Act
  • Licensed Weights, Measures, Weighing Instruments & Measuring Instruments Manufacturer, Dealer & Repairer License Holder
  • Member of Tamilnadu Weights & Measures Manufacturers, Dealers & Repairers Association. Shortly called TNWMMDR ASSOCIATION;
  • Legal Metrology Department Approved.
  • Leading Weighing Scales Manufacturer & Supplier in Tirupur.
  • Weighing Scale Solutions for All types of Industrial Applications, No.1 Manufacturer of Heavy-duty Industrial Platform Weighing Machines in Tamilnadu.

UMATECH @ Major Areas of Weighing Scales Supplies:

Umatech is One of the Leading Suppliers of Tabletop Scales, Bench Scales, Economic Weighing Scales, Retail Weighing Scales, Small Weighing Scales, Digital Weighing Scales, Digital Balances, Grocery Weighing Scales, Supermarket Weighing Scales, Bakery Weighing Scales, Milk Weighing Scales, Parcel Weighing Scales, Meat Weighing Scales, Poultry Weighing Scales, Piece Counting Scales, Transportable Weighing Scales, Chicken Weighing Scales, Rice Weighing Scales, Piece Counting Scales, Poultry Scales, Mobile Weighing Scales, Trolley Weighing Scales, Digital Industrial Platform Weighing Scales, Ration Shop Weighing Scales, Uzhavar Santhai Weighing Scales, High Capacity Weighing Scales, Animal Weighing Scales, Veterinary Weighing Scales, Industrial Platform Weighing Scales, SS / MS Platform Weighing Scales, Heavy-duty Industrial Platform Scales, Heavy Industrial Floor Scales, Warping Beam & Sizing Beam Weighing Scales, Textile Weighing Scales, Fabric Weighing Scales, Logistics Industrial Weighing Machines, Mini-weighbridges 10 ton, Customized Weighing Machines, Specialized Weighing Scales in Commercial Weighing Scales & Industrial Weighing Machines Supplier in Tirupur, Avinashi, Palladam, Kangeyam, Dharapuram, Udumalaipet, Coimbatore, Erode, Karur, Pollachi, Namakkal, Gopichatipalayam, Sathiyamangalam, Mettupalayam, Palani, Madurai, Trichy, Dindugal, Tanjore, Konnor, Ooty, Valparai, Ariyalur, Dharmapuri, Harur, Palakcode, Kulithalai, Nagercoil, Padmanabapuram,  Natham, Kanchipuram, Kaniyakumari, Krishnagiri, Rasipuram, Hosur, Salem Attur, Mettur, Sangagiri, Sivagangai, Thanjavur, Pattukottai, Gudalur, Udhagamandalam,  Bhavani, Oddanchatiram, Madurai, Nagapattinam, Nilgris, Cuddalore, Peramballur, Pudukkottai, Aranthangi, Chidambaram, Virudhachalam, Ramanathapuram, Salem, Chennai, Sivagangai, Thanjavur, Theni, Periyakulam, Uthamapalayam, Tuticorin, Thiruvarur, Tirunelveli, Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Vilupuram, Cuddalore, Panruti, Virudhunagar, Rameswaram etc.,

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All “UMATECH” BRANDED Weighing Scale Products by UMA MECHANICAL WORKS are approved & Stamped by Department of Weights & Measures legal Metrology, Tamilnadu – Govt of INDIA.